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Enterprise Environment
Our company insists on standardized and humanized management, emphasizes own reality and experience accumulation, and is adept in absorbing foreign advanced management experience and thinking, forming distinctive and advanced management advantage. As the leading enterprise of hardware product industry, it promotes common development of peripheral industry and builds good social image. Besides, basketball league matches among enterprises further improve popularity and enhance inside cohesion.
Over the years, our company has endured difficulties and setbacks, realized “necessity is the mother of invention” and believed that future development and competitive strength lie in innovation. Therefore, our company spares no effort to encourage and support renovation projects and has formed the common concept of “Continuous Development and Innovation”, laying a solid technology foundation for future development and challenges.
Heroic Figure
We insist on the concept of people orientation, value talent, and train a virtuous, able, united and progressive talent team. Core people who have made remarkable contribution to corporate development stand out in production management, automatic/semi-automatic technical reconstruction and other aspects, building a model which can be followed for future development.
Cultural Ceremony
Our company plans and carries out various cultural development abilities each year, such as basketball games, table tennis games, artistic performances and staff sports meetings, enriching cultural life of staff. Our company also holds excellent trade union commendation meetings at the end of the year to sum up and reward the staffs who have made outstanding contribution to corporate development.
Cultural Network
Our company establishes party branch, youth league branch and labor union, regularly holds meetings to let staff representatives give advices and suggestions on work, life and other aspects, establishes general manager mailbox, listens to suggestions of staff, plans “quality monthly” to deliver relevant information on production, quality and life, and sets up book reading room, providing another channel for absorbing information.