Die casting process

Die casting process




Stamping process

Since its establishment, the stamping workshop of the company has continuously expanded its production scale, introduced advanced production equipment, and continuously improved and transformed its processing technology. In order to improve production efficiency and optimize production structure, the company has added more than 700 automatic stamping workshops, including a series of processes such as the largest 120t punch, supporting cold stamping, bulging, punching and shearing, stretching, and binding. In addition, the expansion equipment, with the completion of the product molding requirements.

Die casting process

Since 2001, the company has established five electrostatic powder spraying production lines, including three transparent powder spraying lines and two colored powder spraying lines. According to the product requirements, with bright or matte, indoor or outdoor products, use mixed, polyester, acrylic, pure epoxy and other systems of powder coating, and easy porcelain dragon and other special coatings.

In order to ensure the quality of products, the surface treatment testing laboratory is equipped with coating testing equipment, and regular sampling testing is carried out in batches, such as film thickness, adhesion testing, salt spray, humidity testing, etc.

Spray processing

In the past 10 years, the company has been expanding the production scale of the die-casting workshop. At present, there are 18 dc88 hot chamber die-casting machines, 9 dc160 hot chamber die-casting machines, 1 dc200 hot chamber die-casting machine and 1 dc200 hot chamber die-casting machine manufactured by Lijin Machinery Factory Co., Ltd. It has also established two automatic soup matching production lines to improve the automation level and gold level of die-casting production It belongs to the quality of molten liquid. After many years of production experience, we have summed up a set of advanced and strict die-casting production process, the product quality is second to none, and the annual production of zinc alloy products is more than 6000 tons.

Electroplating process

Zhongshan Huafeng electroplating Co., Ltd., founded in February 2000, is a subsidiary of Zhongshan Huafeng lock making Co., Ltd. The company passed the environmental management system of ISO14001:2004 certified by NQA in 2011, and is an advanced unit of cleaner production in Guangdong Province.

Printing process

In 2011, Huafeng Lock Manufacturing Co., Ltd. continuously improved the packaging production and processing system, including the integrated paper production and processing system of printing, carton, carton packaging, instruction and barcode. And has an annual output value of 20 million production capacity.

Welded pipe processing

Founded in July 2005, Zhongshan Weibang Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is a brother enterprise of Zhongshan Huafeng lock making Co., Ltd. It is a professional factory that produces and forks your high-frequency straight seam welded pipe, and provides strip processing service for steel belt.

The company has advanced production equipment, production process and technology at the leading level in the industry, with complete product specifications. Straight out type can produce round pipe, square pipe, D-shaped pipe, rectangular pipe and elliptical pipe, which can meet the needs of customers and provide various outer diameters with wall thickness of 0.5mm-2.0mm; it can also produce drawn pipe with outer diameter of 4.0mm-25.0mm and wall thickness of 0.5mm-1.5mm; it can also accept the development of customers' requirements Pipes of special shape.

All kinds of high quality pipes are suitable for furniture, baby carriage, lighting, tent, bicycle, sports equipment, family hardware and other industries.

CNC precision machining

In recent years, the company has invested in many kinds of CNC precision machine tools, providing advanced and reliable equipment for mold production and special precision workpiece production. In mold manufacturing, we have 2 CNC machining centers, 3 CNC WEDM machines and 4 EDM machines. More than 200 die-casting dies per year.


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