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Machining Process


Die casting process

In the past 10 years, the company has been expanding the production scale of the die-casting workshop. At present, there are 18 DC88 hot chamber die-casting machines, 9 DC160 hot chamber die-casting machines, 1 DC200 hot chamber die-casting machine and 1 DC200 hot chamber die-casting machine manufactured by Lijing Machinery Factory Co., Ltd. It has also established two automatic soup matching production lines to improve the automation level and gold level of die-casting production It belongs to the quality of molten liquid. After many years of production experience, we have summed up a set of advanced and strict die-casting production process, the product quality is second to none, and the annual production of zinc alloy products is more than 6000 tons.

Stamping process

Since its establishment, the stamping workshop of the company has continuously expanded its production scale, introduced advanced production equipment, and continuously improved and transformed its processing technology. In order to improve production efficiency and optimize production structure, the company has added more than 700 automatic stamping workshops, including a series of processes such as the largest 120t punch, supporting cold stamping, bulging, punching and shearing, stretching, and binding. In addition, the expansion equipment, with the completion of the product molding requirements.
The stamping workshop is equipped with a mold making center, which is responsible for the development and production of all the stamping dies needed for production, including single punch and automatic continuous punch.
The common materials for production are cold plate, copper sheet, stainless steel and heterosexual material, with thickness ranging from 0.02mm to 4mm; the cold plate material can be used for stamping processing about 600 tons, copper material 300 tons, stainless steel 60 tons, with monthly production of about 120 million punches.


Printing process

In 2011, Zhongshan Huafeng lock making Co., Ltd. continuously improved the packaging production and processing system, including the integrated paper production and processing system of printing, carton, carton packaging, instruction and barcode.

And has an annual output value of 20 million production capacity.

CNC precision machining

In recent years, the company has invested in many kinds of CNC precision machine tools, providing advanced and reliable equipment for mold production and special precision workpiece production.

In mold manufacturing, we have 2 CNC machining centers, 3 CNC WEDM machines and 4 EDM machines. More than 200 die-casting dies per year.

In terms of mechanical processing, we have 3 Swiss made marbles machines representing the world's advanced level, 5 htc1608 and htc2050 CNC lathes manufactured by Shenyang No.1 Machine Tool Factory, as well as dozens of advanced equipment, such as automatic hydraulic lathe, lock core slotting machine, lock core drilling machine, key milling machine, key printing machine, etc., all of which are in the forefront of the same industry in terms of technology and production capacity.