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Keywords: three pillar door lock, cylindrical door lock, mobile door lock
Overview: Annual production of over 15 million locks and various building hardware; Most of the products are exported to countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and Africa


Since the establishment of Huafeng company, it has been pursuing the quality goal of "high quality products are the bridge to the world", focusing on process quality control, making the enterprise bigger and stronger, and promoting the development of surrounding industries. After more than ten years of continuous and stable development, the company has become the leading backbone enterprise in the same industry in China, and has been awarded the titles of "Customs advanced certification", "Guangdong famous brand products" for many years. In the face of economic globalization, the implementation of the famous brand strategy is more and more important for the survival and development of enterprises. To create a Chinese brand and a world famous brand is the common goal of more than 2000 Huafeng people, who are approaching this goal step by step.

Rim Locks

*564D/564 are of bevel latch structure.

*Outer case of 564D/564 is made of zinc die-cast. Inner structure is made of zinc-plated steel.

*Zinc die-cast night latch is an economical security product,suitable for installation on exterior wood doors.

*Rim deadbolt,with the security of 1''(25mm) full throw deadbolt.

*Backset:2-3/8''(60mm). Night latch of 1/2''(13mm)latch extension, with inside deadlocking button preventing any key operation and latch picking from outsid.

*Door Thickness:1-3/8''-2-3/16''(35mm-55mm) is supplied as standard, lock suitable for 30mm-60mm door thidcuess is also available upon regveit.

*Fully reversible for left or right hand doors.

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